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Psychedelic Fantasies

Within the Radiant Dome: mutant space-apes, amoeboid guardians, void craft, uranium ore, and... the fearsome shit elemental! A dose of weird D&D fun for any old-school adventure game. Module #2 in Geoffrey McKinney's PSYCHEDELIC FANTASIES line.

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  1. Great stuff! I have been sharing it all over Facebook and I am going to be making it a regular part of my Monday game starting this week. (i have anew level 1 party so this a perfect time to introduce new material). Thanks for letting me know about this blog on your Drivethru page.

  2. Hey, glad you found your way here, and thanks for spreading the word!

    Hope your group has fun with the new classes and spells :)

  3. The Lulu link looks like it's dead?

    1. Oh thanks you're right! Removed. (All my stuff is only at RPGNow, now.)